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Job 23:14


For he fulfills his decree against me, 1  and many such things are his plans. 2 


Job 7:3; Ps 77:19; Ps 97:2; Isa 40:27,28; Mic 6:9; Ro 11:33; 1Th 3:3; 1Th 5:9; 1Pe 2:8

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tn The text has “my decree,” which means “the decree [plan] for/against me.” The suffix is objective, equivalent to a dative of disadvantage. The Syriac and the Vulgate actually have “his decree.” R. Gordis (Job, 262) suggests taking it in the same sense as in Job 14:5: “my limit.”.

tn Heb “and many such [things] are with him.”

sn The text is saying that many similar situations are under God’s rule of the world – his plans are infinite.

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