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Job 22:29


When people are brought low 1  and you say ‘Lift them up!’ 2  then he will save the downcast; 3 


Job 5:19-27; Ps 9:2,3; Ps 91:14-16; Ps 92:9-11; Ps 138:6; Pr 29:23; Isa 57:15; Isa 66:2; Eze 21:26,27; Lu 1:52; Lu 14:11; Lu 18:9-14; Jas 4:6; 1Pe 5:5

NET © Notes

tn There is no expressed subject here, and so the verb is taken as a passive voice again.

tn The word גֵּוָה (gevah) means “loftiness; pride.” Here it simply says “up,” or “pride.” The rest is paraphrased. Of the many suggestions, the following provide a sampling: “It is because of pride” (ESV), “he abases pride” (H. H. Rowley); “[he abases] the lofty and the proud” (Beer); “[he abases] the word of pride” [Duhm]; “[he abases] the haughtiness of pride” [Fohrer and others]; “[he abases] the one who speaks proudly” [Weiser]; “[he abases] the one who boasts in pride” [Kissane]; and “God [abases] pride” [Budde, Gray].

tn Or “humble”; Heb “the lowly of eyes.”

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