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Job 22:21


“Reconcile yourself 1  with God, 2  and be at peace 3  with him; in this way your prosperity will be good.


1Ch 28:9; Isa 27:5; Isa 57:19-21; Mt 5:25; Joh 17:3; Ac 10:36; 2Co 4:6; 2Co 5:20; Eph 2:14-17; Php 4:7

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tn The verb סָכַן (sakhan) meant “to be useful; to be profitable” in v. 2. Now, in the Hiphil it means “to be accustomed to” or “to have experience with.” Joined by the preposition “with” it means “to be reconciled with him.” W. B. Bishai cites Arabic and Ugaritic words to support a meaning “acquiesce” (“Notes on hskn in Job 22:21,” JNES 20 [1961]: 258-59).

tn Heb “him”; the referent (God) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn The two imperatives in this verse imply a relationship of succession and not consequence.

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