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Job 22:20


‘Surely our enemies 1  are destroyed, and fire consumes their wealth.’


Ge 19:24; Job 1:16; Job 4:7; Job 8:3,4; Job 15:5,6; Job 20:18,19; Job 20:26; Job 21:27,28; Lu 13:1-5; Lu 17:29,30; 2Pe 2:6,7

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tc The word translated “our enemies” is found only here. The word means “hostility,” but used here as a collective for those who are hostile – “enemies.” Some commentators follow the LXX and read “possessions,” explaining its meaning and derivation in different ways. Gordis simply takes the word in the text and affirms that this is the meaning. On the other hand, to get this, E. Dhorme (Job, 336) repoints קִימָנוּ (qimanu) of the MT to יְקוּמַם (yÿqumam), arguing that יְקוּם (yÿqum) means “what exists [or has substance]” (although that is used of animals). He translates: “have not their possessions been destroyed.”

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