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Job 21:8


Their children 1  are firmly established in their presence, 2  their offspring before their eyes.


Job 5:3,4; Job 18:19; Job 20:10,28; Pr 17:6

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tn Heb “their seed.”

tn The text uses לִפְנֵיהֶם עִמָּם (lifnehemimmam, “before them, with them”). Many editors think that these were alternative readings, and so omit one or the other. Dhorme moved עִמָּם (’immam) to the second half of the verse and emended it to read עֹמְדִים (’omÿdim, “abide”). Kissane and Gordis changed only the vowels and came up with עַמָּם (’ammam, “their kinfolk”). But Gordis thinks the presence of both of them in the line is evidence of a conflated reading (p. 229).

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