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Job 21:4


Is my 1  complaint against a man? 2  If so, 3  why should I not be impatient? 4 


Ex 6:9; 1Sa 1:16; 2Ki 6:26,27; Job 7:11-21; Job 10:1,2; Ps 22:1-3; Ps 42:11; Ps 77:3-9; Ps 102:1; Ps 142:2,3; Mt 26:38

NET © Notes

tn The addition of the independent pronoun at the beginning of the sentence (“Is it I / against a man / my complaint”) strengthens the pronominal suffix on “complaint” (see GKC 438 §135.f).

sn The point seems to be that if his complaint were merely against men he might expect sympathy from other men; but no one dares offer him sympathy when his complaint is against God. So he will give free expression to his spirit (H. H. Rowley, Job [NCBC], 147).

tn On disjunctive interrogatives, see GKC 475 §150.g.

tn Heb “why should my spirit/breath not be short” (see Num 21:4; Judg 16:16).

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