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Job 21:25


And another man 1  dies in bitterness of soul, 2  never having tasted 3  anything good.


2Sa 17:8; 1Ki 17:12; Job 3:20; Job 7:11; Job 9:18; Job 10:1; Job 20:23; Pr 14:10; Ec 6:2; Isa 38:15-17; Eze 4:16,17; Eze 12:18

NET © Notes

tn The expression “this (v. 23)…and this” (v. 25) means “one…the other.”

tn The text literally has “and this [man] dies in soul of bitterness.” Some simply reverse it and translate “in the bitterness of soul.” The genitive “bitterness” may be an attribute adjective, “with a bitter soul.”

tn Heb “eaten what is good.” It means he died without having enjoyed the good life.

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