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Job 21:10


Their bulls 1  breed 2  without fail; 3  their cows calve and do not miscarry.


Ex 23:26; De 7:13,14; De 28:11; Ps 144:13,14; Ec 9:1,2; Lu 12:16-21; Lu 16:19

NET © Notes

tn Heb “his bull,” but it is meant to signify the bulls of the wicked.

tn The verb used here means “to impregnate,” and not to be confused with the verb עָבַר (’avar, “to pass over”).

tn The use of the verb גָּעַר (gaar) in this place is interesting. It means “to rebuke; to abhor; to loathe.” In the causative stem it means “to occasion impurity” or “to reject as loathsome.” The rabbinic interpretation is that it does not emit semen in vain, and so the meaning is it does not fail to breed (see E. Dhorme, Job, 311; R. Gordis, Job, 229).

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