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Job 20:5


that the elation of the wicked is brief, 1  the joy of the godless 2  lasts but a moment. 3 


Ex 15:9,10; Jud 16:21-30; Es 5:11,12; Es 7:10; Job 5:3; Job 8:19; Job 15:29-34; Job 18:5,6; Job 27:8; Job 27:13-23; Ps 37:35,36; Ps 73:18-20; Mt 7:21; Mt 13:20,21; Ac 12:22,23; Ga 6:4; Jas 4:16

NET © Notes

tn The expression in the text is “quite near.” This indicates that it is easily attained, and that its end is near.

tn For the discussion of חָנֵף (khanef, “godless”) see Job 8:13.

tn The phrase is “until a moment,” meaning it is short-lived. But see J. Barr, “Hebrew ’ad, especially at Job 1:18 and Neh 7:3,” JSS 27 (1982): 177-88.

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