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Job 20:18


He gives back the ill-gotten gain 1  without assimilating it; 2  he will not enjoy the wealth from his commerce. 3 


Job 20:5; Job 20:10,15; Job 31:25,29; Pr 1:12; Isa 24:7-11; Jer 11:15,16; Jer 22:13,17; Jer 51:34,44; La 2:16; Eze 7:12; Ho 8:7,8; Ho 9:1; Am 8:4; Mt 23:14,24; Jas 4:8,9

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tn The idea is the fruit of his evil work. The word יָגָע (yaga’) occurs only here; it must mean ill-gotten gains. The verb is in 10:3.

tn Heb “and he does not swallow.” In the context this means “consume” for his own pleasure and prosperity. The verbal clause is here taken adverbially.

sn The expression is “according to the wealth of his exchange.” This means he cannot enjoy whatever he gained in his business deals. Some mss have בּ (bet) preposition, making the translation easier; but this is evidence of a scribal correction.

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