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Job 2:6


So the Lord said to Satan, “All right, 1  he is 2  in your power; 3  only preserve 4  his life.”


Job 1:12; Job 38:10,11; Ps 65:7; Lu 8:29-33; Lu 22:31,32; 1Co 10:13; Re 2:10; Re 20:1,2,7

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tn The particle הִנּוֹ (hinno) is literally, “here he is!” God presents Job to Satan, with the restriction on preserving Job’s life.

tn The LXX has “I deliver him up to you.”

tn Heb “hand.”

sn The irony of the passage comes through with this choice of words. The verb שָׁמַר (shamar) means “to keep; to guard; to preserve.” The exceptive clause casts Satan in the role of a savior – he cannot destroy this life but must protect it.

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