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Job 16:8


You have seized me, 1  and it 2  has become a witness; my leanness 3  has risen up against me and testifies against me.


Ru 1:21; Job 10:17; Ps 106:15; Isa 10:16; Isa 24:16; Eph 5:27

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tn The verb is קָמַט (qamat) which is used only here and in 22:16; it means “to seize; to grasp.” By God’s seizing him, Job means his afflictions.

tn The subject is “my calamity.”

tn The verb is used in Ps 109:24 to mean “to be lean”; and so “leanness” is accepted here for the noun by most. Otherwise the word is “lie, deceit.” Accordingly, some take it here as “my slanderer” or “my liar” (gives evidence against me).

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