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Job 16:19


Even now my witness 1  is in heaven; my advocate 2  is on high.


1Sa 12:5; Job 25:2; Ps 113:5; Ro 1:9; Ro 9:1; 2Co 1:23; 2Co 11:31; 1Th 2:10

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sn The witness in heaven must be God, to whom the cries and prayers come. Job’s dilemma is serious, but common to the human experience: the hostility of God toward him is baffling, but he is conscious of his innocence and can call on God to be his witness.

tn The parallelism now uses the Aramaic word “my advocate” – the one who testifies on my behalf. The word again appears in Gen 31:47 for Laban’s naming of the “heap of witness” in Aramaic – “Sahadutha.”

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