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Job 15:5


Your sin inspires 1  your mouth; you choose the language 2  of the crafty. 3 


Job 9:22-24; Job 12:6; Ps 50:19,20; Ps 52:2-4; Ps 64:3; Ps 120:2,3; Jer 9:3-5,8; Mr 7:21,22; Lu 6:45; Jas 1:26; Jas 3:5-8

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tn The verb אַלֵּף (’allef) has the meaning of “to teach; to instruct,” but it is unlikely that the idea of revealing is intended. If the verb is understood metonymically, then “to inspire; to prompt” will be sufficient. Dahood and others find another root, and render the verb “to increase,” reversing subject and object: “your mouth increases your iniquity.”

tn Heb “tongue.”

tn The word means “shrewd; crafty; cunning” (see Gen 3:1). Job uses clever speech that is misleading and destructive.

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