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Job 15:25


for he stretches out his hand against God, 1  and vaunts himself 2  against the Almighty,


Ex 5:2,3; Ex 9:17; Le 26:23; 1Sa 4:7-9; 1Sa 6:6; Job 9:4; Job 40:9-11; Ps 52:7; Ps 73:9,11; Isa 8:9,10; Isa 10:12-14; Isa 27:4; Isa 41:4-7; Da 5:23; Mal 3:13; Ac 9:5; Ac 12:1,23

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sn The symbol of the outstretched hand is the picture of attempting to strike someone, or shaking a fist at someone; it is a symbol of a challenge or threat (see Isa 5:25; 9:21; 10:4).

tn The Hitpael of גָּבַר (gavar) means “to act with might” or “to behave like a hero.” The idea is that the wicked boldly vaunts himself before the Lord.

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