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Job 15:21


Terrifying sounds fill 1  his ears; in a time of peace marauders 2  attack him.


Ge 3:9,10; Le 26:36; 1Sa 25:36-38; 2Ki 7:6; Job 1:13-19; Job 18:11; Job 20:5-7,22-24; Ps 73:18-20; Ps 92:7; Pr 1:26,27; Ac 12:21-23; 1Co 10:10; 1Th 5:3; Re 9:11

NET © Notes

tn The word “fill” is not in the Hebrew text, but has been supplied in the translation.

tn The word שׁוֹדֵד (shoded) means “a robber; a plunderer” (see Job 12:6). With the verb bo’ the sentence means that the robber pounces on or comes against him (see GKC 373 §118.f). H. H. Rowley observes that the text does not say that he is under attack, but that the sound of fears is in his ears, i.e., that he is terrified by thoughts of this.

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