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Job 15:16


how much less man, who is abominable and corrupt, 1  who drinks in evil like water! 2 


Job 4:19; Job 20:12; Job 34:7; Job 42:6; Ps 14:1-3; Ps 53:3; Pr 19:28; Ro 1:28-30; Ro 3:9-19; Tit 3:3

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tn The two descriptions here used are “abominable,” meaning “disgusting” (a Niphal participle with the value of a Latin participle [see GKC 356-57 §116.e]), and “corrupt” (a Niphal participle which occurs only in Pss 14:3 and 53:4), always in a moral sense. On the significance of the first description, see P. Humbert, “Le substantif toáe„ba„ et le verbe táb dans l’Ancien Testament,” ZAW 72 [1960]: 217ff.). On the second word, G. R. Driver suggests from Arabic, “debauched with luxury, corrupt” (“Some Hebrew Words,” JTS 29 [1927/28]: 390-96).

sn Man commits evil with the same ease and facility as he drinks in water – freely and in large quantities.

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