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Job 14:1


“Man, born of woman, 1  lives but a few days, 2  and they are full of trouble. 3 


Ge 47:9; Job 5:7; Job 7:1,6; Job 9:25; Job 15:14; Job 25:4; Ps 39:5; Ps 51:5; Ec 2:17,23; Mt 11:11

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tn The first of the threefold apposition for אָדָם (’adam, “man”) is “born of a woman.” The genitive (“woman”) after a passive participle denotes the agent of the action (see GKC 359 §116.l).

tn The second description is simply “[is] short of days.” The meaning here is that his life is short (“days” being put as the understatement for “years”).

tn The third expression is “consumed/full/sated – with/of – trouble/restlessness.” The latter word, רֹגֶז (rogez), occurred in Job 3:17; see also the idea in 10:15.

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