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Job 13:4


But you, however, are inventors of lies; 1  all of you are worthless physicians! 2 


Ex 20:16; Job 4:7-11; Job 5:1-5; Job 6:21; Job 8:3,4; Job 16:2; Job 18:5-21; Job 21:27-34; Job 22:6-30; Ps 119:69; Jer 6:14; Jer 8:22; Jer 30:13; Jer 46:11; Eze 34:4; Ho 5:13; Mr 2:17; Mr 5:26

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tn The טֹפְלֵי־שָׁקֶר (tofÿle shaqer) are “plasterers of lies” (Ps 119:69). The verb means “to coat, smear, plaster.” The idea is that of imputing something that is not true. Job is saying that his friends are inventors of lies. The LXX was influenced by the next line and came up with “false physicians.”

tn The literal rendering of the construct would be “healers of worthlessness.” Ewald and Dillmann translated it “patchers” based on a meaning in Arabic and Ethiopic; this would give the idea “botchers.” But it makes equally good sense to take “healers” as the meaning, for Job’s friends came to minister comfort and restoration to him – but they failed. See P. Humbert, “Maladie et medicine dans l’AT,” RHPR 44 (1964): 1-29.

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