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Job 11:17


And life 1  will be brighter 2  than the noonday; though there be darkness, 3  it will be like the morning.


1Ch 29:10; Job 42:11-17; Ps 37:6; Ps 92:14; Ps 112:4; Pr 4:18; Isa 58:8-10; Ho 6:3; Mic 7:8,9; Zec 14:6,7; Mal 4:2; Lu 2:26-32

NET © Notes

tn Some translations add the pronoun to make it specifically related to Job (“your life”), but this is not necessary. The word used here has the nuance of lasting life.

tn Heb “and more than the noonday life will arise.” The present translation is an interpretation in the context. The connotation of “arise” in comparison with the noonday, and in contrast with the darkness, supports the interpretation.

tn The form in the MT is the 3fsg imperfect verb, “[though] it be dark.” Most commentators revocalize the word to make it a noun (תְּעֻפָה, tÿufah), giving the meaning “the darkness [of your life] will be like the morning.” The contrast is with Job 10:22; here the darkness will shine like the morning.

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