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Job 11:16


For you 1  will forget your trouble; 2  you will remember it like water that 3  has flowed away.


Ge 9:11; Ge 41:51; Job 6:15; Pr 31:7; Ec 5:20; Isa 12:1,2; Isa 54:4; Isa 54:9; Isa 65:16; Joh 16:21; Re 7:14-17

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tn For a second time (see v. 13) Zophar employs the emphatic personal pronoun. Could he be providing a gentle reminder that Job might have forgotten the sin that has brought this trouble? After all, there will come a time when Job will not remember this time of trial.

sn It is interesting to note in the book that the resolution of Job’s trouble did not come in the way that Zophar prescribed it.

tn The perfect verb forms an abbreviated relative clause (without the pronoun) modifying “water.”

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