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Jeremiah 8:3


However, I will leave some of these wicked people alive and banish them to other places. But wherever these people who survive may go, they will wish they had died rather than lived,” 1  says the Lord who rules over all. 2 


De 30:1,4; 1Ki 19:4; Job 3:20-22; Job 7:15,16; Jer 20:14-18; Jer 23:3,8; Jer 29:14,28; Jer 32:36,37; Jer 40:12; Da 9:7; Jon 4:3; Re 6:16; Re 9:6

NET © Notes

tn Heb “Death will be chosen rather than life by the remnant who are left from this wicked family in all the places where I have banished them.” The sentence is broken up and restructured to avoid possible confusion because of the complexity of the English to some modern readers. There appears to be an extra “those who are left” that was inadvertently copied from the preceding line. It is missing from one Hebrew ms and from the Greek and Syriac versions and is probably not a part of the original text.

tn Heb “Yahweh of armies.”

sn For the significance of this title see the notes at 2:19 and 7:3.

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