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Jeremiah 8:2


They will be spread out and exposed to the sun, the moon and the stars. 1  These are things they 2  adored and served, things to which they paid allegiance, 3  from which they sought guidance, and worshiped. The bones of these people 4  will never be regathered and reburied. They will be like manure used to fertilize the ground. 5 


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tc MT, 4QJera and LXX read “the sun and the moon and all the host of heaven,” but 4QJerc reads “the sun and all the stars.”

tn Heb “the host of heaven.”

tn Heb “the sun, moon, and host of heaven which they…”

tn Heb “followed after.” See the translator’s note at 2:5 for the idiom.

tn Heb “they will not” but the referent is far enough removed that it might be ambiguous.

tn Heb “like dung/manure on the surface of the ground.”

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