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Jeremiah 8:19


I hear my dear people 1  crying out 2  throughout the length and breadth of the land. 3  They are crying, ‘Is the Lord no longer in Zion? Is her divine King 4  no longer there?’” The Lord answers, 5  “Why then do they provoke me to anger with their images, with their worthless foreign idols?” 6 


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tn Heb “daughter of my people.” For the translation given here see 4:11 and the note on the phrase “dear people” there.

tn Heb “Behold the voice of the crying of the daughter of my people.”

tn Heb “Land of distances, i.e., of wide extent.” For parallel usage cf. Isa 33:17.

tn Heb “her King” but this might be misunderstood by some to refer to the Davidic ruler even with the capitalization.

tn The words, “The Lord would answer” are not in the text but are implicit from the words that follow. They are supplied in the translation for clarity. Another option would be to add “And I can just hear the Lord reply.”

sn The people’s cry and the Lord’s interruption reflect the same argument that was set forth in the preceding chapter. They have misguided confidence that the Lord is with them regardless of their actions and he responds that their actions have provoked him to the point of judging them. See especially 7:4 and 7:30.

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