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Jeremiah 8:16


The snorting of the enemy’s horses is already being heard in the city of Dan. The sound of the neighing of their stallions 1  causes the whole land to tremble with fear. They are coming to destroy the land and everything in it! They are coming to destroy 2  the cities and everyone who lives in them!”


Jud 5:22; Jud 18:29; Jud 20:1; Ps 24:1; Jer 4:15,16; Jer 4:24; Jer 6:23; Jer 47:3; Na 1:4,5; Na 3:2; Hab 3:10; 1Co 10:26,28

NET © Notes

tn Heb “his stallions.”

tn The words “They are coming to destroy” are not in the text. They are inserted to break up a long sentence in conformity with contemporary English style.

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