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Jeremiah 7:3


The Lord God of Israel who rules over all 1  says: Change the way you have been living and do what is right. 2  If you do, I will allow you to continue to live in this land. 3 


Pr 28:13; Isa 1:16-19; Isa 55:7; Jer 7:5-7; Jer 18:11; Jer 26:13; Jer 35:15; Eze 18:30,31; Eze 33:4-11; Mt 3:8-10; Jas 4:8

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tn Heb “Yahweh of armies, the God Israel.”

sn Compare the use of similar titles in 2:19; 5:14; 6:6 and see the explanation in the study note at 2:19. In this instance the title appears to emphasize the Lord as the heavenly King who drags his disobedient vassals into court (and threatens them with judgment).

tn Or “Make good your ways and your actions.” J. Bright’s translation (“Reform the whole pattern of your conduct”; Jeremiah [AB], 52) is excellent.

tn Heb “place” but this might be misunderstood to refer to the temple.

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