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Jeremiah 7:27


Then the Lord said to me, 1  “When you tell them all this, they will not listen to you. When you call out to them, they will not respond to you.


Isa 6:9,10; Isa 50:2; Isa 65:12; Jer 1:7; Jer 1:19; Jer 26:2; Eze 2:4-7; Eze 3:4-11; Eze 3:17,18; Zec 7:13; Ac 20:27

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tn The words, “Then the Lord said to me” are not in the text but are implicit in the shift from the second and third person plural pronouns in vv. 21-26 and the second singular in this verse. The words are supplied in the translation for clarity.

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