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Jeremiah 6:7


As a well continually pours out fresh water so it continually pours out wicked deeds. 1  Sounds of violence and destruction echo throughout it. 2  All I see are sick and wounded people.’ 3 


Ps 55:9-11; Pr 4:23; Isa 57:20; Jer 20:8; Eze 7:11,23; Eze 22:3-12; Eze 24:7; Mic 2:1,2,8-10; Mic 3:1-3,9-12; Mic 7:2,3; Jas 3:10-12

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tc Heb “As a well makes cool/fresh its water, she makes cool/fresh her wickedness.” The translation follows the reading proposed by the Masoretes (Qere) which reads a rare form of the word “well” (בַּיִר [bayir] for בְּאֵר [bÿer]) in place of the form written in the text (Kethib, בּוֹר [bor]), which means “cistern.” The latter noun is masculine and the pronoun “its” is feminine. If indeed בַּיִר (bayir) is a byform of בְּאֵר (beer), which is feminine, it would agree in gender with the pronoun. It also forms a more appropriate comparison since cisterns do not hold fresh water.

tn Heb “Violence and destruction are heard in it.”

tn Heb “Sickness and wound are continually before my face.”

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