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Jeremiah 50:9


For I will rouse into action and bring against Babylon a host of mighty nations 1  from the land of the north. They will set up their battle lines against her. They will come from the north and capture her. 2  Their arrows will be like a skilled soldier 3  who does not return from the battle empty-handed. 4 


2Sa 1:22; Ezr 1:1,2; Isa 13:2-5,17; Isa 13:18; Isa 21:2; Isa 41:25; Isa 45:1-4; Jer 15:14; Jer 50:3,21,26,41,42; Jer 50:14,29; Jer 51:1-4,11,27,28

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sn Some of these are named in Jer 51:27-28.

tn Heb “She will be captured from there (i.e., from the north).”

tc Read Heb ַָמשְׂכִּיל (moskil) with a number of Hebrew mss and some of the versions in place of מַשְׁכִּיל (mashkil, “one who kills children”) with the majority of Hebrew mss and some of the versions. See BHS note d for the details.

tn Or more freely, “Their arrows will be as successful at hitting their mark // as a skilled soldier always returns from battle with plunder.”

sn I.e., none of the arrows misses its mark.

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