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Jeremiah 5:17


They will eat up your crops and your food. They will kill off 1  your sons and your daughters. They will eat up your sheep and your cattle. They will destroy your vines and your fig trees. 2  Their weapons will batter down 3  the fortified cities you trust in.


Le 26:16; De 28:30,31,33; Jud 6:3,4; Isa 62:9; Isa 65:22; Jer 1:15; Jer 4:7,26; La 2:2; Eze 36:4; Hab 3:17,18; Zep 3:6

NET © Notes

tn Heb “eat up.”

tn Or “eat up your grapes and figs”; Heb “eat up your vines and your fig trees.”

sn It was typical for an army in time of war in the ancient Near East not only to eat up the crops but to destroy the means of further production.

tn Heb “They will beat down with the sword.” The term “sword” is a figure of speech (synecdoche) for military weapons in general. Siege ramps, not swords, beat down city walls; swords kill people, not city walls.

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