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Jeremiah 46:14


“Make an announcement throughout Egypt. Proclaim it in Migdol, Memphis, and Tahpanhes. 1  ‘Take your positions and prepare to do battle. For the enemy army is destroying all the nations around you.’ 2 


Ex 14:2; 2Sa 2:26; Isa 1:20; Isa 31:8; Isa 34:6; Jer 2:30; Jer 6:1-5; Jer 12:12; Jer 43:9; Jer 44:1; Jer 46:3,4; Jer 46:10; Eze 30:16-18; Joe 3:9-12; Na 2:13

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tn Heb “Declare in Egypt and announce in Migdol and announce in Noph [= Memphis] and in Tahpanhes.” The sentence has been restructured to reflect the fact that the first command is a general one, followed by announcements in specific (representative?) cities.

sn For the location of the cities of Migdol, Memphis, and Tahpanhes see the note on Jer 44:1. These were all cities in Lower or northern Egypt that would have been the first affected by an invasion.

tn Heb “For the sword devours those who surround you.” The “sword” is again figurative of destructive forces. Here it is a reference to the forces of Nebuchadnezzar which have already destroyed the Egyptian forces at Carchemish and have made victorious forays into the Philistine plain.

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