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Jeremiah 4:30


And you, Zion, city doomed to destruction, 1  you accomplish nothing 2  by wearing a beautiful dress, 3  decking yourself out in jewels of gold, and putting on eye shadow! 4  You are making yourself beautiful for nothing. Your lovers spurn you. They want to kill you. 5 


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tn Heb “And you that are doomed to destruction.” The referent is supplied from the following context and the fact that Zion/Jerusalem represents the leadership which was continually making overtures to foreign nations for help.

tn Heb “What are you accomplishing…?” The rhetorical question assumes a negative answer, made clear by the translation in the indicative.

tn Heb “clothing yourself in scarlet.”

tn Heb “enlarging your eyes with antimony.” Antimony was a black powder used by women as eyeliner to make their eyes look larger.

tn Heb “they seek your life.”

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