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Jeremiah 34:19


I will punish the leaders of Judah and Jerusalem, the court officials, 1  the priests, and all the other people of the land who passed between the pieces of the calf. 2 


2Ki 24:12,15; Jer 29:2; Jer 34:10; Jer 38:7; Eze 22:27-31; Da 9:6,8,12; Mic 7:1-5; Zep 3:3,4

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tn For the rendering of this term see the translator’s note on 29:2.

tn This verse is not actually a sentence in the Hebrew original but is a prepositioned object to the verb in v. 20, “I will hand them over.” This construction is called casus pendens in the older grammars and is used to call attention to a subject or object (cf. GKC 458 §143.d and compare the usage in 33:24). The same nondescript “I will punish” which was used to resolve the complex sentence in the previous verse has been chosen to introduce the objects here before the more specific “I will hand them over” in the next verse.

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