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Jeremiah 3:5


You will not always be angry with me, will you? You will not be mad at me forever, will you?’ 1  That is what you say, but you continually do all the evil that you can.” 2 


Ps 77:7-9; Ps 85:5; Ps 103:8,9; Isa 57:16; Isa 64:9; Jer 3:12; Eze 22:6; Mic 2:1; Mic 7:3; Zep 3:1-5

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tn Heb “Will he keep angry forever? Will he maintain [it] to the end?” The questions are rhetorical and expect a negative answer. The change to direct address in the English translation is intended to ease the problem of the rapid transition, common in Hebrew style (but not in English), from second person direct address in the preceding lines to third person indirect address in these two lines. See GKC 462 §144.p.

tn Heb “You do the evil and you are able.” This is an example of hendiadys, meaning “You do all the evil that you are able to do.”

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