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Jeremiah 28:14


For the Lord God of Israel who rules over all 1  says, “I have put an irresistible yoke of servitude on all these nations 2  so they will serve King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. And they will indeed serve him. I have even given him control over the wild animals.”’” 3 


De 4:20; De 28:48; Isa 14:4-6; Jer 25:9-26; Jer 27:4,7; Jer 27:6,7; Jer 40:4; Da 2:38; Re 17:12,13

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tn Heb “Yahweh of armies, the God of Israel.” See the study notes on 2:19 and 7:3 for this title.

tn Heb “An iron yoke I have put on the necks of all these nations.”

sn The emphasis is on the absoluteness of Nebuchadnezzar’s control. The statement is once again rhetorical and not to be taken literally. See the study note on 27:6.

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