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Jeremiah 23:32


I, the Lord, affirm 1  that I am opposed to those prophets who dream up lies and report them. They are misleading my people with their reckless lies. 2  I did not send them. I did not commission them. They are not helping these people at all. 3  I, the Lord, affirm it!” 4 


De 13:1-18; De 18:20; Isa 3:12; Jer 7:8; Jer 23:16; Jer 23:22; Jer 27:14-22; Jer 28:15-17; Jer 29:21-23,31; La 2:14; Eze 13:7-18; Zep 3:4; Zec 13:2,3; Mt 15:14; 2Co 1:17; Re 19:20

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tn Heb “Oracle of the Lord.”

tn Heb “with their lies and their recklessness.” This is an example of hendiadys where two nouns (in this case a concrete and an abstract one) are joined by “and” but one is intended to be the adjectival modifier of the other.

sn In the light of what has been said this is a rhetorical understatement; they are not only “not helping,” they are leading them to their doom (cf. vv. 19-22). This figure of speech is known as litotes.

tn Heb “Oracle of the Lord.”

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