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Jeremiah 10:7


Everyone should revere you, O King of all nations, 1  because you deserve to be revered. 2  For there is no one like you among any of the wise people of the nations nor among any of their kings. 3 


Job 37:23,24; Ps 22:28; Ps 72:11; Ps 76:7; Ps 86:9; Ps 89:6; Isa 2:4; Jer 5:22; Jer 10:6; Zec 2:11; Lu 12:5; 1Co 1:19,20; Re 11:15; Re 15:4

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tn Heb “Who should not revere you…?” The question is rhetorical and expects a negative answer.

tn Heb “For it is fitting to you.”

tn Heb “their royalty/dominion.” This is a case of substitution of the abstract for the concrete “royalty, royal power” for “kings” who exercise it.

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