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Judges 9:53


a woman threw an upper millstone 1  down on his 2  head and shattered his skull.


Jud 9:15,20; 2Sa 11:21; 2Sa 20:21; Job 31:3; Jer 49:20; Jer 50:45

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sn A hand mill consisted of an upper stone and larger lower stone. One would turn the upper stone with a handle to grind the grain, which was placed between the stones. An upper millstone, which was typically about two inches thick and a foot or so in diameter, probably weighed 25-30 pounds (11.4-13.6 kg). See G. F. Moore, Judges (ICC), 268; C. F. Burney, Judges, 288.

tn Heb “Abimelech’s.” The proper name has been replaced by the pronoun “his” in the translation in keeping with conventions of English narrative style.

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