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Judges 6:5


When they invaded 1  with their cattle and tents, they were as thick 2  as locusts. Neither they nor their camels could be counted. 3  They came to devour 4  the land.


Jud 7:12; Jud 8:10; Jud 8:21; 1Sa 30:17; Ps 83:4-12; So 1:5; Isa 13:20; Isa 60:6; Jer 46:23; Jer 49:29,32

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tn Heb “came up.”

tn Heb “numerous.”

tn Heb “To them and to their camels there was no number.”

tn Heb “destroy.” The translation “devour” carries through the imagery of a locust plague earlier in this verse.

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