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Judges 5:11


Hear 1  the sound of those who divide the sheep 2  among the watering places; there they tell of 3  the Lord’s victorious deeds, the victorious deeds of his warriors 4  in Israel. Then the Lord’s people went down to the city gates –


Ge 26:20-22; Ex 2:17-19; De 22:24; Jud 5:7; 1Sa 12:7; Job 29:7; Ps 145:7; Isa 12:3; Isa 28:6; Jer 7:2; La 5:4,9; Mic 6:5

NET © Notes

tn The word “Hear” is supplied in the translation for clarification and for stylistic reasons.

tn The meaning of the Hebrew word is uncertain. Some translate “those who distribute the water” (HALOT 344 s.v. חצץ pi). For other options see B. Lindars, Judges 1-5, 246-47.

tn Or perhaps “repeat.”

tn See the note on the term “warriors” in v. 7.

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