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Judges 17:2


He said to his mother, “You know 1  the eleven hundred pieces of silver which were stolen 2  from you, about which I heard you pronounce a curse? Look here, I have the silver. I stole 3  it, but now I am giving it back to you.” 4  His mother said, “May the Lord reward 5  you, my son!”


Ge 14:19; Ge 24:30,31; Ex 20:7; De 27:16; Jud 5:23; Ru 3:10; 1Sa 14:24,28; 1Sa 23:21; 1Sa 26:19; Ne 13:25; Ps 10:3; Pr 28:24; Jer 48:10; Mt 26:74; Ro 9:3; 1Co 16:22; 2Jo 1:11

NET © Notes

tn The words “You know” are supplied in the translation for clarification.

tn Heb “taken.”

tn Heb “took.”

tn In the Hebrew text the statement, “but now I am giving it back to you,” appears at the end of v. 3 and is spoken by the mother. But v. 4 indicates that she did not give the money back to her son. Unless the statement is spoken by the woman to the LORD, it appears to be misplaced and fits much better in v. 2. It may have been accidentally omitted from a manuscript, written in the margin, and then later inserted in the wrong place in another manuscript.

tn Traditionally, “bless.”

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