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James 3:9


With it we bless the Lord 1  and Father, and with it we curse people 2  made in God’s image.


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NET © Notes

tc Most later mss (Ï), along with several versional witnesses, have θεόν (qeon, “God”) here instead of κύριον (kurion, “Lord”). Such is a predictable variant since nowhere else in the NT is God described as “Lord and Father,” but he is called “God and Father” on several occasions. Further, the reading κύριον is well supported by early and diversified witnesses (Ì20 א A B C P Ψ 33 81 945 1241 1739), rendering it as the overwhelmingly preferred reading.

tn Grk “men”; but here ἀνθρώπους (anqrwpous) has generic force, referring to both men and women.

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