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Isaiah 9:12


Syria from the east, and the Philistines from the west, they gobbled up Israelite territory. 1  Despite all this, his anger does not subside, and his hand is ready to strike again. 2 


De 31:17; 2Ki 16:6; 2Ch 28:18; Ps 79:7; Ps 129:3-6; Isa 5:25; Isa 9:17,21; Isa 10:4; Jer 4:8; Jer 10:25; Jer 35:11

NET © Notes

tn Heb “and they devoured Israel with all the mouth”; NIV “with open mouth”; NLT “With bared fangs.”

tn Heb “in all this his anger is not turned, and still his hand is outstretched.” One could translate in the past tense here (and in 9:17b and 21b), but the appearance of the refrain in 10:4b, where it follows a woe oracle prophesying a future judgment, suggests it is a dramatic portrait of the judge which did not change throughout this period of past judgment and will remain unchanged in the future. The English present tense is chosen to best reflect this dramatic mood. (See also 5:25b, where the refrain appears following a dramatic description of coming judgment.)

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