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Isaiah 8:11


Indeed this is what the Lord told me. He took hold of me firmly and warned me not to act like these people: 1 


Ps 32:8; Pr 1:15; Jer 15:19; Jer 20:7,9; Eze 2:6-8; Eze 3:14; Ac 4:20

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tc Heb “with strength of hand and he warned me from walking in the way of these people, saying.” Some want to change the pointing of the suffix and thereby emend the Qal imperfect יִסְּרֵנִי (yissÿreni, “he was warning me”) to the more common Piel perfect יִסְּרַנִי (yissÿrani, “he warned me”). Others follow the lead of the Qumran scroll 1QIsaa and read יְסִירֵנִי (yÿsireni, “he was turning me aside,” a Hiphil imperfect from סוּר, sur).

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