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Isaiah 66:23


From one month 1  to the next and from one Sabbath to the next, all people 2  will come to worship me,” 3  says the Lord.


2Ki 4:23; Ps 65:2; Ps 81:3,4; Ps 86:9; Isa 1:13,14; Eze 46:1,6; Zec 8:20-23; Zec 14:14,16; Mal 1:11; Joh 4:23; Col 2:16,17; Re 15:4

NET © Notes

tn Heb “new moon.” The verb that introduces this verse serves as a discourse particle and is untranslated; see note on “in the future” in 2:2.

tn Heb “all flesh” (so KJV, ASV, NRSV); NAB, NASB, NIV “all mankind”; NLT “All humanity.”

tn Or “bow down before” (NASB).

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