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Isaiah 66:2


My hand made them; 1  that is how they came to be,” 2  says the Lord. I show special favor 3  to the humble and contrite, who respect what I have to say. 4 


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NET © Notes

tn Heb “all these.” The phrase refers to the heavens and earth, mentioned in the previous verse.

tn Heb “and all these were.” Some prefer to emend וַיִּהְיוּ (vayyihyu, “and they were”) to וְלִי הָיוּ (vÿli hayu, “and to me they were”), i.e., “and they belong to me.”

tn Heb “and to this one I look” (KJV and NASB both similar).

tn Heb “to the humble and the lowly in spirit and the one who trembles at my words.”

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