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Isaiah 57:9


You take olive oil as tribute 1  to your king, 2  along with many perfumes. 3  You send your messengers to a distant place; you go all the way to Sheol. 4 


2Ki 16:7-11; Pr 7:17; Isa 2:9; Isa 30:1-6; Isa 31:1-3; Eze 16:33; Eze 23:16; Ho 7:11; Ho 12:1; Col 2:18

NET © Notes

tn Heb “you journey with oil.”

tn Heb “the king.” Since the context refers to idolatry and child sacrifice (see v. 5), some emend מֶלֶך (melekh, “king”) to “Molech.” Perhaps Israel’s devotion to her idols is likened here to a subject taking tribute to a ruler.

tn Heb “and you multiply your perfumes.”

sn Israel’s devotion to her idols is inordinate, irrational, and self-destructive.

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