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Isaiah 51:19


These double disasters confronted you. But who feels sorry for you? Destruction and devastation, famine and sword. But who consoles you? 1 


Job 2:11; Job 42:11; Ps 69:20; Ec 4:1; Isa 22:4; Isa 47:9; Isa 61:2; Jer 9:17-21; La 1:9,12,17; La 1:16; Eze 14:21; Am 7:2; 2Co 7:6,7,13; 2Th 2:16,17

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tc The Hebrew text has אֲנַחֲמֵךְ (’anakhamekh), a first person form, but the Qumran scroll 1QIsaa reads correctly יִנַחֲמֵךְ (yinakhamekh), a third person form.

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