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Isaiah 44:4


They will sprout up like a tree in the grass, 1  like poplars beside channels of water.


Ps 1:3; Ps 92:13-15; Ps 137:1,2; Isa 58:11; Isa 61:11; Eze 17:5; Ac 2:41-47; Ac 4:4; Ac 5:14

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tn The Hebrew term בֵין (ven) is usually taken as a preposition, in which case one might translate, “among the grass.” But בֵין is probably the name of a tree (cf. C. R. North, Second Isaiah, 133). If one alters the preposition bet (בְּ) to kaf (כְּ), one can then read, “like a binu-tree.” (The Qumran scroll 1QIsaa supports this reading.) This forms a nice parallel to “like poplars” in the next line. חָצִיר (khatsir) is functioning as an adverbial accusative of location.

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