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Isaiah 42:20


You see 1  many things, but don’t comprehend; 2  their ears are open, but do not hear.”


Nu 14:22; De 4:9; De 29:2-4; Ne 9:10-17; Ps 106:7-13; Ps 107:43; Isa 1:3; Isa 48:6-8; Isa 58:2; Jer 42:2-5; Eze 33:31; Mr 6:19,20; Joh 9:37-40; Joh 11:37-50; Ac 28:22-27

NET © Notes

tn The consonantal text (Kethib) has a perfect, 2nd person masculine singular; the marginal reading (Qere) has an infinitive absolute, which functions here as a finite verb.

tn Heb “but you do not guard [i.e., retain in your memory]”; NIV “but have paid no attention.”

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